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Our founder Holly Thaggard literally dreams about SPF, motivated by the simple yet powerful mission of stopping the epidemic of skin cancer. Here are the beliefs that drive us.

SPF is the #1 thing you can do for your skin

SPF is the #1 thing you can do for your skin

So we put it first in all we do. We were the first to disrupt this category driven by our founder’s mission to stop the epidemic of skin cancer. Not to mention that 90% of the signs of aging come from the sun. So we’re setting the facts straight and changing the way you think about sunscreen, for good.

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Every. Single. Day.

Every. Single. Day.™

Our mantra is to go where no SPF has gone before… Think feel-good formulas you’ll actually want to use, like a super hydrating moisturizer, a totally invisible makeup primer, a lightweight (and dude-approved) serum and even a shimmery, crease-proof eyeshadow. We love to transform what was once a chore into an every. single. day. ritual, slipping SPF into your favorite skincare essentials.

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Superpowered SPF

Superpowered SPF™

Your skin and your life is unique to you…so why should your SPF be one-size-fits-all? All skin types and tones need sunscreen every day, so we create highly personalized formulas and the guidance to help you find “the one.” We believe in giving you the options and letting you choose. And by the way, why stop at SPF? Our formulas include protection against all of today’s aggressors - think blue light, infrared radiation, pollution...and who knows what our chemists will discover next.

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No Compromises

No Compromises

We’ve been clean since before it was cool—and, without ever sacrificing efficacy. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between clean AND effective SPF. (Did you know that an estimated 73% of sunscreens don’t actually live up to their sun protection claims? Or that roughly 65% of sunscreens contain oxybenzone?) We are vegan, cruelty-free and are always investing in formula updates to keep our products as safe for people and the environment as they possibly can be. Learn more about our standards when it comes to ingredients...

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Living Bright

Living Bright

Holly created Supergoop! to allow us all to live in the sunshine. We’re not hiding inside, we’re out there owning the day, taking on our to-do lists AND bucket lists. Traveling, exploring, creating, building…and taking care of ourselves, so we can make the most of every single moment. To us, that’s the definition of living bright.

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Changing The World, Ounce by Ounce

Changing The World, Ounce by Ounce

Skin damage develops from sun exposure over time, not from one sunburn. We believe that wearing sunscreen should be a daily habit like washing your hands or brushing your teeth, and that the best way to learn is to start young. Our Ounce by Ounce giving program provides complimentary sunscreen to any Pre-K and K classroom in America who requests it.

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The heart behind the brand

Holly Thaggard

Meet Holly

When a close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer, Holly Thaggard wanted to learn everything there was to know about sun exposure. She quickly discovered that very few people knew how damaging it actually was. She also learned that sun damage started as early as childhood, and, as a mother and a teacher, she immediately thought of her own kiddos and her students outside on the playground without a trace of SPF. Holly did her research and found that the number one reason people did not wear daily SPF was because it just didn’t feel good on their skin.

Applying sunscreen in hand

So she set out to create an SPF formula that people would actually want to wear. A formula that felt so good, and was so good for you that even kiddos would want to wear it, and dermatologists would want to sing its praises. Holly launched her first ingredient-conscious, feel-good formula three years later (winning a AAD Golden Triangle Award along the way), and hasn’t stopped innovating since.